Annual Church Meeting Part 2

Annual Church Meeting Part 2

The second part of the Annual Church Meeting (ACM) took place on Sunday, 31st January 2021, during the 5pm Zoom coffee time. This was a Meeting of Parishioners. Thank you to those who joined (pictured above). This meeting was to pick up on ‘church life’ issues not covered in the ‘business’ portion of the meeting held on 11th October 2020, which was itself delayed from April 2020 owing to the coronavirus pandemic lockdowns. We hope that we will be back to having our normal ACM in April 2021.

The points noted from this meeting were:

  • We should remember to send news to the Administrator (Josephine) who will then inform the relevant parties, including the church website.
  • As part of our community life, we should be more proactive in identifying and sharing needs.
  • It would be good to deliver the sermon in the lounge, because there are sound (echo) issues within the main church. As the recording of the service takes place in the main sanctuary, moving to the lounge is not possible, but the Chaplain will try to record some ‘sofa chats’ from the lounge every few weeks.
  • Sara will follow up with God TV to get technical advice on improving the online services as we move to livestreaming the services.
  • Community Together: How can we enable more and better interactions during this time and better let people know what is going on?

To this latter point, the church community has at least seven WhatsApp groups running, and at least four Zoom meetings a week, as well as our YouTube channel. Please note: The old St George’s WhatsApp group has been divided into two: (1) St George’s Info, which is just for official communication; and (2) St George’s Friendship, coordinated by Alena in Belarus, which is for chat. If you would like to be in one of these groups, please let the church know.



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