Annual Church Meeting 2021

Annual Church Meeting 2021

Annual Church Meeting Agenda
Sunday 30th May 2021, 12:30pm

This will be a separate service, so please register at to attend. All are welcome, but only those who are on the Electoral Roll are able to vote.

If, for weather reasons, it is not possible to be in the garden, the meeting will be in the church, which can now seat up to 50% of normal numbers.

  1. Bible reading and prayers
  2. Apologies for absence
  3. Minutes of last ACM (held Sunday 11th October 2020) Also: Meeting of Parishioners (held Sunday, 31st January 2021)
  4. Matters arising (not dealt with below)
  5. Electoral Roll report
  6. Elections for Council and other positions to be filled:
    6.1 Council: Due to last ACM being in October, there will be no changes at this stage
    6.2 Churchwardens: Sherry Blackford and assistant James Dress
    6.3 Safeguarding Representative: Josephine Deelman
    6.4 Legal Representatives: James Dress, Sharon Blackford and James Clement to replace Teresa Wharmby. Many thanks to Teresa for all her work over 20 years.
  7. Reports:
    7.1 Financial Report and Accounts: Mark Hopper
    7.2 Safeguarding: Josephine Deelman
    7.3 Legal Representative (interim): Josephine Deelman
    7.4 Churchwardens
    7.5 Chaplains
  8. Any other business
  9. Closing prayer

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