Synod: A Time of Kairos

Synod: A Time of Kairos

Revds John and Debbie along with St George’s youthworker Jennie and Sunday School leader Denise attended the Annual Archdeaconry Synod on 2nd and 3rd February 2022. Although it was hoped that the Synod could have been held in person, in the end it was held on Zoom.

Revd Debbie (pictured in the screen grab below) gave talks on Peru (this year there is a special collection for the work of our dear friends in the Diocese of Peru) and on her work as the chaplaincy rep for Mothers’ Union.

Revd John chairs the Spanish Diocesan Group, which is where legal matters related to our role as chaplaincies within Spain are dealt with.

The Bible talks were led by Bishop John Pritchard. He gave a fresh vision of The Parable of the Good Samaritan (Luke 10) and of Jesus washing the disciples’ feet (John 13). He was imaginative, creative and deeply devotional.

Bishop David Hamid (our Bishop in the Diocese in Europe, pictured up top) gave a talk on the present challenges we are facing but saw it as a time of opportunity to reset our vision. He emphasised how we are to live in communion with each other and not simply be consumers of the parts of church life that we like.

The overall message was that we are living in what the Bible calls kairos – a time of great significance or an opportune moment – and he urged us to listen to God to hear what He was saying to our Church, both wider and locally, today.

Many of our chaplaincies are really struggling with the effects of Brexit, and whilst this does not directly affect us at present, please pray for our brothers and sisters across the Diocese in Europe.

Thanks to everyone for their support and involvement.


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