Brexit Resources Hub

Brexit Resources Hub

With the UK due to leave the EU on 31 January 2020, if you are a British citizen living in Spain, make sure you know what your rights are during the transition period.

The Diocese in Europe has created a special Brexit Resources Hub on its website with links to the latest official information available, along with public statements by Bishop Robert on the matter.

The webpage was updated in January 2020 to include the European Commission Guidance on Brexit Preparedness. Click here to find out more.

Bishop Robert writes: “There is more to life than Brexit. We have our faith and families that sustain, nurture and feed us through difficult times. We should keep a sense of perspective and take Brexit a month at a time as a great deal will happen over the next year to shape our relationships with Europe. Let’s encourage one another through it.”

Click here to read a full summary of Bishop Robert’s reflections on Brexit and listen to the BBC radio interviews he has given.





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