Seasonal Message from the Chaplain

Seasonal Message from the Chaplain

This was my 6th Christmas here at St George’s. God has brought us to a church we love in a part of the world we celebrate.

When I was in the USA for the memorial for Deborah’s father, there was a possibility I would not get back for the Sunday service on 6th October. St George’s worship leader Jenny Shaw was ready to step in and give the sermon, but as I returned in time, she did not have to deliver it, and she gave me her notes instead. Since I was so blessed by the sermon, I decided to share it here, so you can be blessed by it too.

Jenny writes: “There are times and seasons for us all, and everything is not always rosy. How can we remain in Jesus and continue to sing to the Lord when our circumstances are not as we would choose?”

She finds hope and encouragement in the words of Timothy and Luke: “We are just at the beginning of the road to knowing God. We all need to keep working on and encouraging each other in our relationship with him so we can all say in the end: For I know whom I have believed and am persuaded that he is able to keep that which I’ve committed unto him until that day.”

You can read Jenny Shaw’s sermon in full by clicking here.

This sermon reminds us that this is, indeed, a time marked by many ups and downs.

For us personally, in addition to Deborah’s father passing away, Deborah had four months of intense pain due to a tendon problem, and our daughter-in-law continues to be limited by her auto-immune reaction. On the positive side, we had a three-month sabbatical, saw our granddaughter in Australia, and visited my father in Scotland who turns 94.

Church-wise, we deeply miss those who have left and are very thankful to God for those who have come. I give thanks for the service given by so many in St George’s, both in Andorra and Barcelona. I give thanks for you!

I give particular thanks to Josephine, our administrator; Jennie, our youth worker; and our church council. I have a colleague, friend and wise counsellor in my wife, Deborah, and I here record my deep appreciation of her.

As we go into 2020, we go, as always, into uncharted territory. We have no need to fear because our Captain is at the helm, our Shepherd is out in front, and he is the Rock on which we stand.

As we enter into the story of mystery of the incarnation, I commend to you for meditation my collect for 2019: May we enter into the mystery of the Trinity, the contemplation of the Divine, the depth of the Name, and the radiant beauty of his Holiness.

It is the privilege of Deborah and myself to be here with you. Do keep praying for us.

The Lord be with you all in 2020!

May he bless and keep you and may he shine his face upon you.



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