Easter Display Explained

Easter Display Explained

Revd Reija Vienola prepared a special “altar”, which is on display in the upstairs Sunday School room, to present the Easter story in a creative and attractive way for all ages. Please take time to check it out the next time you are at St George’s.

Here Reija explains each element of the display…

The chess board represents Judgement
The two players are Pontius Pilate and the courts on one side, with their playing pieces marked by lies and popular opinion, and Jesus on the other, with his pieces labelled with values such as grace and goodness. The observer can add more values here, including truth and love, which are missing. We play this game in our own lives.

The scale represents Power
At the centre of the scale is money with two golden spoons on either side as weights. This indicates what motivated Pilate and the power imbalances and lack of fairness in society.

Communion: The drawing of Jesus with cords to the world as well as to the crucifixion and resurrection
“Man shall not live on bread alone but on every word that comes from the mouth of God.” When Jesus says he is the bread of the world, he means the body and the word of God are together. As Christians, we are all united, as demonstrated by the cords to all the parts of the world, with the yellow cord representing the bread (body) and the red cord representing the wine (blood).

But it doesn’t stop there. Other cords go directly to the cross, which is Forgiveness, and to the tomb, where the stone is rolled away to show his Resurrection.

The picture of Heaven
Reija’s picture of Heaven tries to be modern, showing different people together with the saints. Children can consider the things they see depicted in Heaven based on descriptions found in the Bible.

The candle represents us shining his Light in the world
A dark-haired girl and a blond boy on each side of the candle pot represent each one of us moving through and around the world, like angels, sharing the Good News of Jesus Christ and helping to spread his Light in the world.

If you would like to help create future displays like this, please speak to Reija as she would love to have more volunteers thinking up creative, fun and engaging new ways to depict the Gospel for all ages.


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