Are you on the Electoral Roll?

Are you on the Electoral Roll?

What is the Electoral Roll?
The church’s Electoral Roll is the register of its voting members; it is a list of those qualified to attend and to vote at the Annual Church Meeting (ACM). Electoral rolls provide an indication of the real membership and strength of the church.

Why enrol?
Enrolment is a way of saying, “I am committed to St George’s Church”. This does not mean that you may not be committed to another church as well. It does mean that “I recognise that I am part of the community of St George’s and will be involved to the level I believe is right before God.”

Who can be on the Electoral Roll?
A person may have their name on the electoral roll of more than one church. To be on the Electoral Roll you must be a baptised adult (aged 16 or over) and meet one of the conditions of question 2 on the APPLICATION form about being a member of a church.

How do I enrol?
Fill in the APPLICATION FOR ENROLMENT ON THE CHURCH ELECTORAL ROLL, and return it to the Electoral Roll Officer or the Chaplain before the coming Annual Church Meeting (by 14 April 2019, two weeks before the ACM on 28 April 2019).

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