Our History

The history of St George’s Church is a testament to the gifts and faithful witness of each new generation.

Services begin to be held in the official residence of the British Consul.

Services temporarily suspended when the Chaplain leaves on account of ill health.

Chaplaincy revived thanks to the efforts of the Colonial & Continental Church Society (C&CCS). The new British Consul-General and local British residents form a Building Committee.

The Committee buys land at Rosellon 250, 100 metres from where the Passeig de Gracia meets Diagonal.

Building work begins.

Church consecrated on 7th May. All the money was raised locally.

St George’s closes temporarily during the Spanish Civil War and World War II.

The renamed Commonwealth & Continental Church Society (C&CCS), as patrons, suggest building a new, more modern church complex, which could also house the Chaplain, away from the city centre.

Building work begins, thanks to the efforts of Richard Webb and then-Chaplain Harry Wilson, who happened to be a good draughtsman and who designed the stunning stained glass window that occupies one wall of the church.

New church completed as it stands today. First service held on 10th July.

New St George’s consecrated on 6th May.

St George’s pays off all costs incurred and becomes entirely self-supporting, including paying the Chaplain’s stipend, which until then had been covered by C&CCS, now known as the Intercontinental Church Society (ICS).

New laws passed in Spain give full recognition to all Anglican Chaplaincies in Spain as part of the Diocese of Gibraltar in Europe.

St George’s is now well established, thanks to the splendid series of Chaplains that ICS has sent out, each bringing his own special gifts to the development of the church’s mission activities. Though the congregation changes as frequently as the Chaplains, the purpose remains the same as ever – to reach out to all English-speaking residents in the Barcelona area, whatever their Christian denomination, and to offer the same breadth of welcome to all visitors. Each new generation adds its own fresh support to the life of St George’s Church in Barcelona.

“Our purpose remains the same as ever: to reach out to all English-speaking residents in the Barcelona area, whatever their Christian denomination.“


Rev RW Thornton (1904-11)
Rev JHG Bates (1912-23)
Rev EE Pennix (1924-25)
Rev RA Bevis (1925-26)
Rev GD Whitaker (1926-31)
Rev CHD Grimes (1932-34)

Rev HD Jones (1934-36)
Spanish Civil War and World War II (1936-45)
Ven James Johnston (1945-64)
Rev Brian Moore (1965-67)
Rev Harold Wilson (1967-73)
Rev M Brian Lea (1974-79)

Rev Struan Dunn (1979-83)
Rev Benjamin Eaton (1984-88)
Rev Robin Sewell (1989-2002)
Rev Peter Jordan (2002-2008)
Rev Andrew Tweedy (2008-2014)
Rev John Chapman (2014-present)

Source: History written by Freddy Witty whose family has been connected with St George’s from its earliest days. More details of St George’s history can be found in the booklet, In Trust for the Future. Limited copies available from the church office.