New spaces for prayer

New spaces for prayer

Some time ago, Vision Groups were formed to take responsibility for various aspects of church life, including its fabric. One group was responsible for the church garden. Various ideas were proposed, but with the lockdown, using the garden for services and making it beautiful suddenly became a priority.

Apart from pruning and removing some invasive plant species, there was a desire to create a space to remember those who have been important in the history of St George’s. It was agreed to develop a Memorial Garden in the back part of the church garden, just inside the gate, using an anonymous gift given to the church expressly for that purpose. With thanks to Ed, the result is a beautiful area that was inaugurated on Remembrance Sunday, 8th November 2020.

People are invited to donate to have one of the slate slabs on the walls engraved with a memorial plaque for someone special.

In addition, Revds John and Deborah together with Jennie, the youthworker, expressed a longing to develop a prayer room somewhere on the church premises. Given the limited space available in the building, it was agreed to make the projection area double up as a prayer room during the week when it wasn’t being used on a Sunday.

Among the suggestions made for decoration, the churchwarden Sherry’s idea won out, of painting a mural of the church’s distinctive stained-glass window. This creates a continuation, both visually but also spiritually, of our life together as a church, from Sunday and throughout the rest of the week. It may also help the projection/sound team to feel more connected to the rest of the church from their vantage point.

Deborah and Jennie continue to work on painting the mural, with the hope that it will be done in time for Christmas.


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