Make a donation

If you give to St George’s using A NUMBERED ENVELOPE, by BANK TRANSFER or ONLINE, you can receive a Spanish tax receipt.

To obtain an official certificate of your annual donations which you can use when filing your taxes in Spain, download and return the form from the link below.

Giving options that allow accounting for a Spanish tax receipt:
Giving made easier


Request envelopes at church. Put your donation in an envelope with a unique number connected to you. Giving this way incurs no fees for the church.


Ideal for regular giving, with minimal fees for the church.
When making a transfer from your account, please specify the nature of the donation (e.g., Marriage Blessing Smith-Jones).
Also, you may wish to set up a ‘standing order’ to automate a regular transfer to St. George’s.

Make a transfer in euros to:
Account name: Comunion Anglicana de Barcelona
Bank name: Sabadell Atlantico
IBAN: ES88 0081 0156 23 0001231132
Swift code: BSABESBB

Make a transfer in GBP to:
Account name: Diocese in Europe Fund
Bank name: Barclays Bank PLC
IBAN: GB16 BUKB 2006 1340 3170 39
Swift code: BUKBGB22

You MUST specify in the reference that the funds are for St. George’s Barcelona.

PLEASE NOTE: For non-EU people, there are lower fees involved by giving through ONLINE GIVING.

For those wishing to give in USD, please contact the church office for details of how to do so.


To make a payment using the contactless machine at the back of the church, you will need a bank card or an NFC-enabled mobile device.

  1. Select one of the amounts on the touchscreen.
  2. Touch your bank card or mobile device to the screen.
  3. If donating to an event or a specific project and/or you want your gift recorded under your own giving (for tax purposes), fill in a donation slip and place it in the cash slot of the box.


Make a payment using Bizum in your own banking app.

  1. Select “Make a Donation/Hacer donativo” or “Send Bizum/Enviar Bizum” to a code (not to a mobile telephone number).
  2. Enter the code for St George’s: 08922
  3. If a “Comment/Concepto” is possible, enter a donation description (such as an event or a specific project) and/or your name if you want your gift recorded under your own giving (for tax purposes). If a “Comment/Concepto” is not possible in your app, please fill in a donation slip and place it in the cash slot of the box.


DonorBox charges a fee from 3.0% – 5.3% of the donation amount.



You can also give to the collection at church (if possible, please avoid coins as the local bank will no longer accept them).

Note: Giving cash in the collection at church isn’t trackable so won’t qualify for a Spanish tax receipt.

Besides supporting our chaplain ministry, administration and youth work, we also support outside charities and the wider work of the Anglican Diocese in Europe.

Currently everything we receive covers essentials. With more funding, we could extend the ministry, look after our facilities better and, more important than ever, build up a contingency fund for emergencies.

Please consider giving to St George’s. Just a bit more could help a lot.

Moreover, regular giving may qualify for tax relief in Spain (registered charity code: R0800140F) or Gift Aid in the UK.
Contact the church to see if this applies to your donation.

St George’s is so grateful for your support.

Did you know?

It costs about 100,000 euros a year to run St. George’s Church.

Where does the money come from? Only from the congregation! We have no other source of income.

How do we spend it?
– Youthwork 4%
– Building upkeep and utilities 15%
– Outside commitments: 10% to charities and missions
– 8% for the wider work of the Diocese in Europe
– Church administration 19%
– Chaplain ministry 44%
– Currently everything we receive covers essentials.


If we had more funding, we could:
– Extend the ministry
– Look after our church and gardens better
– Build a contingency fund for emergencies

How can I help? Make a donation!


If every regular giver gave 10% more, that could add 9,000 euros a year to our budget.
If just 5 families became regular givers, that could add 10,000 euros a year.


How to become a regular giver:

  • It’s easy! Simply ask at the church office or one of the church wardens about setting up numbered monthly giving envelopes (which qualifies you for some tax relief if you are a Spanish taxpayer).
  • Set up a standing order with your bank.