Give to GAiN

Give to GAiN

Since the war began in Ukraine, St George’s has been responding to the humanitarian crisis by joining GAiN’s collection campaign. This has involved donating essential products, from nappies/diapers to soup to blankets, which were sent by truck to Ukraine and various border countries hosting displaced people: Hungary, Moldova, Poland and Romania.

St George’s feels privileged to be able to bring the love of Jesus in a practical way to the lives of people who are in dire need, and we want to continue making it possible with you.

For the latest GAiN campaign, please donate female sanitary napkins/towels (compresas). There is a container marked for GAiN in the church lounge where you can drop off items between January 22nd and March 22nd.

We are also asking that you prayerfully consider contributing to GAiN’s disaster response DART Fund by going to their webpage and clicking on the black button HACER DONATIVO. It would help to make your giving more regular (monthly, quarterly, twice a year, etc), so care can continue, not just in Ukraine but in Haiti and other areas where there is great need and where GAiN is working to make a difference.

Thanks to everyone for your continued support and collaboration!

Global Aid Network (GAiN) is an initiative of the Christian organisation Agape. Read the blog post by Pau Abad (in Spanish) about their first delivery of aid to Ukraine.


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