Make every effort to supplement your faith with virtue, and virtue with knowledge.
2 PETER 1:5

Welcome to St. George’s Christian Resource Centre!

We invite church members to recommend books, prayer aids and other Christian resources.

Links to your recommendations can be included on this webpage and in the church’s monthly newsletter. In this way, people are free to purchase the recommended material that interests them, usually via Amazon or a Christian supplier such as Church House Publishing or Eden Books and Resources.

Please let us know if you are having difficulty when ordering or if a link is broken.

Recommendation Sundays

On the 5th Sunday of the month, we reserve a special slot in the morning service when people are invited to recommend a Christian resource that encouraged them. The only requirements are that the book/resource is one which recognises the authority of Scripture and that it is in harmony with the ancient Christian Creeds.


Prayer Aids & Cards

A selection of prayer aids and cards, including Christmas cards, may be stocked at special times of the year.

We also have a number of quite nice spiritual congratulations, consolation/bereavement, etc. cards available on the mezzanine.
They are available year-round for a small donation.


Christian Book Exchange

We have shelves of Christian books in the church lounge for anyone to borrow. Please feel free to make use of this resource. If you want to add to these, please drop the books in the Church Office.


The Grace Outpouring
The story of Roy Godwin, who left his job as a consultant to lead a quiet retreat centre in Wales. His “house of prayer” has drawn thousands of seekers. This book shares stories of God’s healing and power, showing how God can work in any community.

United Christian Broadcasters
On the website of this UK-based Christian media charity, you can watch videos and livestreams, listen to radio programs or podcasts, get daily Bible readings (The Word for Today, Word for You), submit prayer requests (Prayerline), and download Bible apps (OneHope Resources), including material for kids.

The Lion Handbook to the Bible
An illustrated Bible commentary, first published in 1973 and now in its fifth edition, which is billed as “Still the Best Book to Have Next to the Bible”.

The Bible Guide: An All-in-one Introduction to the Book of Books
This guide is aimed at anyone who has ever wanted to get to grips with the content, meaning and relevance of the books of the Bible.

Richard Briggs Resources
Check out these Bible study resources by Richard Briggs, Director of Biblical Studies and Hermeneutics at Cranmer Hall, St John’s College, Durham University, UK.

Jesus Calling
365 devotionals, written as if Jesus were speaking directly to you, based on Jesus’ own words in Scripture, to offer encouragement, comfort and reassurance on a daily basis.

The Rhythm of Life
Life has its rhythms — ebb and flow, darkness and light, dry times and times of richness. To survive this pattern, we need to have a rhythm of prayer. This collection of Celtic prayers is designed for the rhythms of life.

Keep Calm and Trust God
In Keep Calm and Trust God, issues such as anxiety, worry, fear, stress, setbacks, failures, etc. will be addressed. The reader will find prayers, short narratives, scripture, poems and encouraging short stories all directed at keeping your cool and trusting God.

Advent Calendar
The Real Advent Calendar is a charity advent calendar that features Belgian fair-trade chocolate and a booklet, The Real Christmas Story, to help everyone enjoy and share the Christmas story.