Pray for Peace in Ukraine

Pray for Peace in Ukraine

All are invited to join together for prayers across Europe for peace in Ukraine.

Bishop Robert Innes and Canon Malcolm Rogers, chaplain of St Andrew’s Moscow and Area Dean of Russia and Ukraine, will lead prayers via a livestream on YouTube on Tuesday 1st March at 7pm (Spanish time). They will be joined by representatives of Christ Church Kyiv.

You can connect via the Diocese in Europe website here.

  • Pray in solidarity with those most affected.
  • Pray that God will yet overrule in the hearts and minds of those with power and authority.
  • Pray that the victims will be few and that the innocent will be protected.
  • Pray that peace will come through justice and not through the infliction of the will of a stronger party on a weaker.

Bishop Robert has filmed a video for chaplaincies and those wishing to share a prayer during their Sunday services. Watch it below.



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