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Prayer Vigil Resources

Wednesday June 20th

Every year the United Nations marks World Refugee Day on 20th June to commemorate the strength, courage and perseverance of millions of refugees. This year, World Refugee Day also marks a key moment for the public to show support for families forced to flee.

As such, St George’s is holding its first Prayer Vigil on this day to focus on refugees and victims of armed conflict around the world.

Pray from your home in the morning or evening that day, using the suggested prayers below. Sign up for a 30-minute prayer slot at church so that we cover these times with prayer.


We Welcome Refugees Prayer Guide

Click here for a guide for daily prayer each day for a week


Prayers for Refugees and Those Affected by Armed Conflicts Around the World

For Refugees

Almighty and merciful God,

whose Son became a refugee and had no place to call his own;

look with mercy on those who today are fleeing from danger,

homeless and hungry.

Bless those who work to bring them relief;

inspire generosity and compassion in all our hearts;

and guide the nations of the world towards that day when all will rejoice in your Kingdom of justice and of peace;

through Jesus Christ our Lord.



O Lord God,

your Son Jesus Christ suffered and died for us.

In his resurrection

he restores life and peace in all creation.

Comfort, we pray, all victims of intolerance

and those oppressed by their fellow humans.

Remember in your kingdom those who have died.

Lead the oppressors towards compassion

and give hope to the suffering.

Through the same Jesus Christ our Lord.



For the People of Syria

O God, our help in ages past,

it was you who led the Israelites through the wilderness,

a pillar of fire by night and a pillar of cloud by day.

We pray that you will guide the vulnerable and desperate migrants

who today search out new hope and new life.

As they search for a way out,

as they board ships and trucks and cross fences,

as they carry children and walk for miles,

protect them, Lord.


Our hope for years to come,

you created all people to flourish

to live in safety, to find meaning, to experience love, to seek after you.

We pray for those who have lost hope, safety, love, and faith.

We pray for parents whose children have been lost or have died.

We pray for children who are going without food, water and safety.

We pray for communities abandoned and for communities overwhelmed.


Oh God, bring miraculous and life-giving hope.

Our shelter from the stormy blast,

you are the one who brings peace.

You are our mother hen, protecting us under your wings.

We pray for an end to the tyranny of ISIS and to the violence in Syria.

Protect those who haven’t yet found a way to leave.

We pray for the hearts of those who are intent to kill.

We pray for the eyes of the world to turn toward this war.

Give wisdom to the leaders who must choose how to facilitate peace.


Our eternal home,

in you we find life and providence,

for this life and for the next.

For those who have lost everything, we pray you will rebuild their lives.

For those desperate for a new home, open the doors to safer places.

For those longing for the basic necessities of life, restore their material goods.

For those whose communities and families have been ripped apart, strengthen new bonds of friendship.

And for the church, near and far, which worships in safety today — inspire us to welcome the stranger.

Help us to discern how to reach out to refugees in acts of mercy and how to help them seek justice for long-term hope.



For Those Held in Captivity

Merciful Father,

we cry to you from the depths of our concern

for those wrongly imprisoned or held captive:

for those trying to secure their release,

that the ways of peace and diplomacy may prevail over acts of violence and aggression,

that their captors may know a change of heart;

through him who was sent to proclaim liberty for captives

and to set free those who are oppressed,

your Son, our Lord Jesus Christ.



Topics for Prayer…

Pray that God would graciously provide for the essential needs of security, shelter, water, food and medical care for refugees and internally displaced people. Pray that God would hear their cries and lead them to a place of safety.

Pray that God would raise up peacemakers and bring peace to countries where wars, violence and persecution are forcing people from their homes. Pray for peace and safety in major refugee-producing countries like Afghanistan, Syria, Somalia, D.R. Congo, South Sudan, Central Africa Republic, Myanmar, Iraq, Colombia, Vietnam and Eritrea.

Pray for our forcibly displaced brothers and sisters who live in difficult circumstances and with uncertain futures. Pray that God would give them their daily bread. Pray that he will heal their hearts, minds and bodies from traumas suffered. Pray that they would know God’s presence with them and that God would renew their faith, joy and strength with each sunrise. Pray that God would give them a hope and a future.

Pray for refugee women and children. They are among the world’s most vulnerable people and make up more than half of the world’s refugee population. Pray that God would protect them from people who would like to prey upon them and exploit their vulnerability.

Pray for refugee youth. They are far from home. They are told that they can only stay temporarily in their country of refuge. They cannot return home and they have little reason to believe that they will one day be resettled to another country (less than 1 per cent of the world’s refugee population is ever resettled). Refugee youth face many challenges in a world in which they have no reason to hope for a better future.

Pray for countries hosting refugees. 80 per cent of the world’s refugee population is found in developing countries. They carry a heavy load – sometimes at great risk. Large waves of refugees can be difficult for countries to absorb and care for – even with assistance from the UN. Pray for major refugee hosting countries like Pakistan, Iran, Jordan, Lebanon, Turkey, Kenya, Chad, Ethiopia, China and the USA.

Pray for the UN Refugee Agency and non-governmental agencies serving refugees and internally displaced people. These are the primary agencies serving forcibly displaced people, helping with their essential needs for security, shelter, water, food, medical care, educational opportunities, resettlement, etc. They often struggle to have the funding needed to provide their services.

Pray for the Refugee Highway Partnership, a dynamic and growing international network of individuals, churches and Christian agencies that are finding ways to help local churches seek the welfare and protection of forcibly displaced people. Pray that God will continue to grow this network of Christians burdened to seek the welfare of forcibly displaced people in Africa, Europe, the Middle East, North America and South Asia. Pray as they share learning and resources, that local churches would become more effective in welcoming and loving the forcibly displaced people in their communities. Learn more at

Pray for asylum seekers in Europe. Many have made long and dangerous journeys across the Sahara and Mediterranean to reach a country in Europe in which they hoped to find refuge, only to find that they are unwelcome. Some survive on the streets. Others are kept in refugee detention centres.





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