St George’s 2022: Send Your Ideas!

St George’s 2022: Send Your Ideas!

2022 will mark 50 years of St George’s church building at its current location and 150 years of St George’s presence in Barcelona. Read Our History.

St George’s 2022 (SG2022) is the name we are giving for a whole bunch of special events, spiritual and cultural, that we hope to hold in 2022 to celebrate these anniversaries.

To get ready for the occasion, we are looking for ideas and suggestions for this gala year. What suggestions do you have? Youth, Tuesday Topics, Bible Study, Book Club and other groups are urged to reflect on what they would like to organise or see happen.

There is a suggestion box at church. Please send your suggestions.

In addition, we have been restoring our property through increasing the space outside the front entrance, refreshing aspects of the building, beautifying the garden and generally sprucing the place up. This includes installing child-safe, soundproofed and attractive windows to make better use of the mezzanine and balcony sound area (pictured).

To support this effort, St George’s is currently raising funds to make the church more safe and fit-for-purpose for a future which remains uncertain. If you would like to give towards this vision, go to our Giving page where you can make an online donation through DonorBox. Please mark any gifts as for SG2022. 


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