Solar Panel Project

Solar Panel Project

St George’s plans to install solar panels on the church roof. This is both good for the environment and, in the long term, very good for the church: It will save on electricity, and any surplus can be fed into the national grid.

This is a positive step towards the Eco Church initiative to be more responsible regarding clean energy use.

Church member Graham Hart has been researching this and received three quotes, all around €7,000. The Church Council agreed to proceed once the church had received promises of 75% of the cost, which is €5,250.

The good news is that we have received donations to cover that amount, which means we can go ahead and also put in an application for a possible government grant.

It is reckoned that with present electricity prices, we could recoup this expenditure within 5-7 years, and we begin to save right away once it is installed. In that sense, it is an investment in our future.

If you wish to donate specifically for this project, please let Revd John Chapman know, or you can donate to the church in the usual way. Just remember to indicate your gift is for the Solar Panel Project.

Thank you!

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