Church Life Update 4

Church Life Update 4

This week we hear from Daleen, John Pinnell and Alena. Watch the next video of encouragement for Lent Week 4 (6 minutes) so we can be Community Together.

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This week, Daleen talks about the young adults and students’ group, saying one of the things she appreciates is how diverse they are, with people from all over the world. This makes their current study of Acts all the more relevant, as we, like Paul, are living proof of reaching people from all different backgrounds. She was also struck by the story of the disciples being filled with joy despite being persecuted. “It’s crazy to be joyful in the middle of persecution, but they were. Let us also rejoice in each other and in the Lord (in these difficult times).”

John Pinnell speaks about their small congregation in Andorra who have not been able to hold a service since September 2020. Restrictions have prevented Revd Deborah from going there, but they are looking forward to resuming services as soon as they possibly can.

Alena is an example of how the lockdowns forcing us to become a virtual church have been a blessing in disguise, as this has enabled her to remain and feel a part of St George’s from Belarus, where she lives now. She regularly participates in the Coffee Hour and Children’s Time with Denise via Zoom. “I feel so much joy and appreciation for everything that you do, online and offline. I’m really glad that I can join you, my friends, not just in spirit but virtually as well. God bless!”

View the full video on St George’s YouTube Channel.


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