Youth programme grows

Youth programme grows

St George’s new youth worker Jennie Hebson gives an update on her work and her impressions since moving to Barcelona in September 2019. And she looks forward to a fun-filled 2020 with St George’s youth!

I’ve been the Youth Worker at St George’s for 3 months now and I can only describe it as a great privilege. I have been so well-loved and welcomed in this place, especially by our chaplains, John and Debbie, and by Josephine, our administrator, as well as the whole congregation, for which I am very thankful.

Getting to know the young people has been wonderful; their increasing enthusiasm to learn from the Bible, their big questions during our Alpha sessions, and their pure hilarity in the silly little things don’t cease to bring me joy! I’m so excited to see how God will continue to work in their lives over the next months and years.

In November, we had the opportunity to go on a retreat weekend with Youth for Christ (Juventud para Cristo). Seven children and young people from St George’s came along and it was a great chance for them to meet youth from different church contexts and to look at the theme of spiritual gifts – what God has put in us which we can use to serve the church. I am really excited about all the different networking possibilities here in Barcelona, so I hope to continue this connection and to make many others.

Looking forward to the New Year, the youth programme will continue to grow with new facets: discipleship and mentoring, as well as more opportunities for the young people to get involved in the running of the church. We are all one body in Christ and we want to see the youth fully integrated and acknowledging their roles in that.

Aside from the youth programme, it has been fun to get to know the young adult community at St George’s. Every Sunday after the 11 o’clock service we have lunch together, which is a nice social time for us to get to know each other better and strengthen friendships.

We also recently started a Thursday night Bible study on Romans, a book which provokes a lot of deep questions and discussion among us, especially as we come from such a wide variety of backgrounds. We are so pleased to see the young adult community here growing and we hope for even more people in the New Year.

St George’s is a wonderful, welcoming community and I’m honoured that God has allowed me to come and serve here. I appreciate you all and thank you for your ongoing support of the youth ministry with your time, energy and resources.

Have a blessed 2020!



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